Bishop Amat Hosts Open House for Prospective Students

Isabella Elizalde, Staff Writer

La Puente- Bishop Amat held their second annual Open House on Jan. 12 in the new Carrol Performing Arts Center. Families, incoming freshman, and transfer students were welcomed by the ASB officers, commissioners, and Activities Coordinator Mrs. Leeman.

Ever since the Carrol Center has opened its doors, this was the first Open House event held inside. The Open House gave incoming freshmen, transfers, and parents an insight of what Amat holds in store.

“It’s very exciting to see everyone here tonight, it’s giving us the opportunity to prosper,” Mr. Escovar said. “ We can’t wait to see the new students join us here and be a part of the Lancer family.”

While inside families and incoming students found themselves surrounded with just a few of the different clubs, activities, and occupations. As they found themselves prospecting, families got an even deeper insight into the Amat community with a speech held by Mrs.Vasquez, President Mr. Escovar, Director of Finance Mrs. Oswald, and senior students Sebastian Juarez and Lucas Serna. Overall, conducting about Bishop Amat and their personal insights on the life of a lancer.

Although the Carroll Center was the start of the evening, families got to take personal tours on campus ground. Allowing them to explore the different classrooms, teachers, and even the gymnasium building.

On the tours, it allowed everyone to look through inside the classrooms, as well with an idea of what each one would bring. Introductions from teacher’s sharing the different aspects of it all.

For those interested in being a part of Amat’s sports program, the library held a conference area with the different athletes and coaches showcasing their different sports. These included sports from our very own football team to soccer, hockey, wrestling, and pep squad.

As the night progressed, snacks to nibble on and refreshments were shared. Homemade baked treats such as cookies along with juice and fresh hot coffee. Guests were able to continue scouting as well as conversing amongst themselves and staff.

One way families and incoming students got to know a little more about Amat was through the LightHouse. Amat’s LightHouse is a classroom where students get to express and share their growing faith. Inside you found yourselves greeted with stickers “Always Forward”, the 2023 school years motto.

Always Forward, was chosen by the Faith In Action and Campus Ministry team, sharing how we involve students to focus and deepen our relationship and divinity.

“My main objective for my daughter is Catholic identity, and so far I am very happy with it,” Mr. Duenas said.

With the overall success of Thursday’s night Open House, it was a great way to showcase Bishop Amat’s School as a community. To continue on more, March. 29 will be an Activity Night from 6:00 p.m – 8:00 p.m, authorizing more ways to learn about the school.