Bishop Amat Celebrates Their Annual Valentine’s Day Picnic

Sean Gines , Arriana Franco , and Edan Mora

Joseph Armas, Staff Writer

Bishop Amat ASB celebrated Valentine’s day with a picnic that included booths and activities last Tuesday.

The event was crowded with students and filled with music of different genres coming from speakers set up on the Karaoke stage. 

This is an annual celebration that Bishop Amat hosts for their community. Students get to walk around with friends and enjoy the fun activities that the school offers, such as a huge slide or karaoke. Students also create booths that sell food and drinks and large boxes of pizza. 

“So the day before the Valentine’s Day picnic, we made these lovely posters to advertise the items that we’re selling and we’re going to go ahead and sell them to our Bishop Amat peers” Head of BSU Club, Jasmine Butcher said.

“So at the Maker’s Club, we sold two things. We made some cute, little felt flower bouquets and we also made some strawberry lemonade”, said Angelo, a member of the Maker’s Club.

Multiple clubs had posters with decorative designs and colors to attract students and teachers. These clubs had various student members setting up and working the booths as students came to buy and purchased items. 

Coach Pablo Flores and Coach Ertle sold boxes of pizza and drinks with their basketball teams. A full slice of pizza was 5 dollars and the box came out to a total of 20 dollars. 

“I would definitely say the taco stand”, Olivia said when asked what part of the picnic became her favorite. 

Many students are teachers were in line for the taco stand where teachers and students made tacos right in front of you. 

Under the covered lunch area, a stage dedicated to karaoke was placed. A projector screen behind the stage allowed the performer to follow along and sing their favorite songs. 

“I would say the karaoke”, another Amat student states, when asked what part of the picnic became his favorite. 

Many students took advantage of this opportunity and came up to the stage with their friends or just by themselves and sang to the Amat community. The songs ranged from country to rap, to hip hop and Amat students gathered around and took videos and cheered on their fellow Amat peers. 

“I feel really special you know. Not every guy does that these days and it’s awesome to see that”, said Tabitha, after an Amat student names Parker, dedicated a love poem to one of his fellow peers. 

Many students were brave enough to get up on stage and showcase their talents and confess their true feelings through Karaoke. 

Bishop Amat had a Kona Ice truck that was parked near the entrance to the gym. The truck believed to be a huge success, according to the long line of students waiting to purchase the shaved ice. 

Bishop Amat’s very own Lancer Cafe was also selling food and drinks if you did not feel like buying from the vendors at the picnic. 

Students were allowed to wear any official Bishop Amat shirt or jersey with jeans that are appropriate.