Pep Squad Hosts Their Annual Youth Spirit Night

Arianna Franco and Sean Gines

Beatriz Buenrostro and Arriana Franco

On Friday Jan. 13, Bishop Amat High School’s Pep Squad hosted their annual Youth Spirit Night. Participants from grades K-8 visited Bishop Amat High School to visit different schools from around the area had the opportunity to learn cheers.

The children were separated, Cheer and Song Girls were split in two and learned different routines. Youth spirit night started at 4 p.m., and ended before the 7 p.m. Varsity basketball game.

They joined our squad courtside to cheer on the varsity boys basketball team and performed halftime in our student activity center. This can make a major impact on their decisions on wanting to attend Bishop Amat in the future.

The captains Lead them all through the steps of their routines, some of the girls on the team this year also attend Youth spirit night when they were younger. This can encourage the potential future lancers to join us in the future.

The two captains were two of the many participants from the night, one cheer girl and one song girl. They lead the children in performing for the varsity basketball boys in front of the school during the games halftime.

Knowing that Youth spirit can help bigger our Cheer and Song team in the future, this experience not only will help our song and cheer girls but it will also improve the children to become better, and also our Bishop Amat community. The children saw how Bishop Amats cheer and song squad do performances so if they were to come to Amat they would already have an idea on how things are done at Amat.

The participants would be an amazing addition to the Amat community with the joy with hard work and dedication that they bring to the dance room. They showed that they have what it takes to be a part of the Amat family. Cora Rodriguez was interviewed about how she felt about youth spirit night, “um I thought it was like a good opportunity for like future Lancers to see like what it is to be on Pep Squad and be a Lancer and like um just get like a part of the Amat experience”.

The night was filled with nervousness but also with excitement and joy from the participants and the parents. They saw how much fun the Amat games are and it can get them excited for the future when they decide which school to go to.

Before the big varsity game the children were able to practice with the jv basketball game in order to make sure that the performance with the children goes perfectly, and even though it was the childrens first time performing in front of a high school crowd and environment they did amazing. Everyone was stunned by the performance the kids gave them. It was uplifting, exciting and an amazing performance all round.

The children were taught everything they needed to know that night by the two teams and it all played out amazingly in the end. The girls got to meet the coaches and staff for the two teams and they were in a great environment with great energy all around them and all the support the two teams gave them.

The night went well with many of the participants’ parents leaving behind amazing feedback on the cheer and song team. In the end the kids were able to see how performing at a Bishop Amat basketball game is and they got to practice with the cheer and song team.