Seniors Share Their Thoughts on the Kairos Retreat

Alexis Mayorquin

Sophia Salahuddin, Staff Writer

The word “Kairos” has Greek origins, and it means, “God’s time” or “the right time,” but in Catholicism we use the word as “new opportunity.” Kairos is a time of reinventing yourself and reconnecting with the things that are important in life.

Disconnecting with the material world and reconnecting with your faith probably means more in our digital society than it would in a time where technology wasn’t as accessible.

One does not have to be Catholic to attend Kairos, or receive the benefits that it offers. Some of the benefits, aside from a stronger connection with God, include expanding friendships, creating closer bonds, and learning more about yourself in an environment far from the noise of everyday life.

Throughout the years, the Kairos retreat was mainly marketed by word of mouth. Due to the rare circumstances of a pandemic, Kairos was not available to students for two years, hence the word of mouth being lost.

This year’s Seniors were skeptical about going to Kairos because they never really heard all the hype that it normally gets from past Seniors. So, now that almost half of this year’s Seniors have already attended Kairos, the rest of the Seniors feel less uneasy, and more eager to see what Kairos has to offer.

Faith in Action student Jayleen Perez expressed how going to Kairos allowed her to “purely focus on God.” Jayleen’s experience at the retreat is an example of how being vulnerable with your peers and God can deepen your faith. The space gives students an opportunity to be mindful and personal in prayer.

“I got to disconnect from everything that was going on in my life and it helped me renew my relationship with Christ so he can help me throughout my ups and downs,” said Senior Josh Zarate, who attended the first semester Kairos 81’.

Every year, Bishop Amat hosts a Kairos retreat for their Seniors as a way of offering clarity and peace as they move through the last year of high school.

Everyone who goes to Kairos has their own personal experience, and no two experiences are the same.

“Kairos is such an amazing experience that I definitely do recommend it to others,” Marie Ramirez said. “It’s just such a great way to get away from school and from schoolwork, as well as building a strong relationship with Christ and also a strong relationship with my peers and friends.”

Like Marie, many come back from Kairos with a renewed relationship with their faith and a greater sense of direction in their lives. The experience helps them enjoy their last semester of high school, and may even help them after their graduation.

Jayleen, Josh, and Marie strongly recommend that Kairos is the place to be from Feb. 27 to March 1 of this year!

Monday, Feb. 13 is the last day for any Seniors to sign up for a once in a lifetime opportunity. Although Kairos is not required, you may miss out on an opportunity that can change the way you set your life to be.