Sophomores receive class ring information

Bilog showing off her class ring

Kamdyn Gutierrez, Staff Writer

While most student athletes look forward to receiving their letterman jacket when attending high school, class rings can be purchased by anyone no matter their skills or talents. 

This past Wednesday, Jan. 18, representatives from the Josten’s company visited sophomores to talk to them about the process of purchasing and customizing a class ring. 

They explained that Bishop Amat happens to be one of the few local schools that still offers class rings and that this sort of opportunity continues to be an amazing way for students to capture important moments of their time in high school.

When Josten’s representatives visited the sophomore homerooms, a packet was given to each student. This packet included a booklet that provided visuals for all of the different and unique variations of rings, as well as an order form to help customize and finalize a student’s purchase. 

For those planning on purchasing a ring, Josten’s will be hosting a “Family Night Order” on Tuesday, Jan. 24 from 6pm to 7:30pm in the library. 

They will also be on campus on Wednesday, Jan. 25 and Thursday, Jan. 26 in the quad during lunch to help students get an idea of a design, fill out an order, or find a ring size that fits them best. 

Students can also look forward to the annual ring ceremony that occurs every year in the springtime, or whenever they have completed all of the rings. This semi-formal event takes place in the quad where representatives present each student with their class ring. These rings have been carefully placed inside of a ring box that students can hold onto for a long time. 

According to many upperclassmen, class rings are not only an important part of the high school experience, but they can also be treasured forever and have impacted their lives immensely. 

“One of the benefits to owning a class ring is that I get to cherish it for a long time and that I am able to show off my school pride even after I graduate,” junior Aster Bazyouros said.  “In a few years, I could be walking down the street and someone sees me with my ring and we are like, ‘Hey you were in my class at Amat!’. I think it is a really cool experience and I definitely recommend that people order one.”

When purchasing a class ring, some students have found that being able to customize and personalize it to fit their unique style is one of the great things about purchasing a class ring. 

They not only hold a special symbol of school pride in people’s hearts, but they also hold a lot of memories and can completely transform an outfit. 

“I got a class ring because when I was little I saw my mom’s college ring and then I went to a few shadow days in 8th grade and thought that they were really cute and a good way to memorialize my time at school.” junior Chess Bilog said.  “I love jewelry and so by adding this ring to my collection of rings that I wear everyday, I am able to show it off in a really pretty way.” 

Furthermore, because these rings can be customized and are a great way to show off your school pride and cherish your memories at school, it is something that all students can look forward to even after they have graduated. 

If you have any further questions about class rings, feel free to contact Josten’s at (909)-464-9063 or email them at [email protected]