Girls’ Soccer Starts Off Their Season With Wins

Alexis Mayorquin

At the end of the 90-minute mark, the girls’ varsity soccer team celebrated their well-fought 3-0 win over Bonita High School.

On Dec. 5, the lady lancers played a 5:30pm game at Kiefer Stadium. This match marked the third game of their preseason.

So far the varsity soccer girls have gone undefeated with this game adding to their winning streak.

Not only have these ladies gone undefeated, but they have let in zero goals and put fourteen goals in the back of the net.

Despite scoring victory their last two games, the girls are still motivated to practice every day.

In addition to practice, most girls have a pre-game ritual to help them prepare for games.

“I chug a sprite and do a little tap dance,” said Jasmine Delgado, a senior striker.

She mentioned that her pregame ritual calms any nerves and sets her in the mood to win.

“I like to envision the game and put myself in different scenarios so I’m as prepared as I can be,” said senior Sophia Reyes.

By the time the first whistle blew to signify the beginning of the match, the lady lancers were more than game ready. Within the first half, the varsity team was able to put away one goal. Mimi Dominguez, a junior forward, scored the first goal of the game with an incredible assist from Lenea Guerrero, a senior. Dominguez scored the ball via a header off a corner kick which put them in the lead towards the end of the first half.

According to Delgado, this goal helped the team gain the momentum they were looking for. It encouraged them improve their gameplay.

“There was no more kickball, we had the momentum and we used it,” said Delgado.

This momentum was carried into the second where Micaela Stockton, a senior defender, scored a second goal.

“I was really happy, I looked at Jazz and she immediately ran to hug me,” said Stockton.

Stockton says the support she felt from her teammate only inspired her to play harder.

The third and final goal was scored by Denym McGinnis, a senior, and assisted by Guerrero. This last goal was scored in the final ten minutes of the game and solidified Bishop Amat’s lead over Bonita.

The game ended in a 3-0 win for the varsity team and a stronger bond as a whole.

“I was proud of how we came together,” said Reyes. “As cheesy as it sounds it really feels like we won with the power of friendship.”

The lady lancers were excited to get this win but most of all excited for the season ahead of them. The girls expressed their gratitude for each other and their coach.

“Our coach has taken us to the next level in our practice and training,” said Delgado.

She went on to say that under his guidance she believes that they can go all the way. Stockton shared similar thoughts.

“I feel like we have a lot to work on but I am still optimistic that we will grow as a team and develop into one of the best teams Amat has seen in a couple of years,” said Stockton. “I have a lot of hope for my senior class and the future of this team.”

The Bishop Amat girls’ varsity soccer team will continue to work hard and plan on having a successful season ahead of them.