Shadow Day at Amat

Arianna Dominguez

On Friday, January 27th there was a shadow day at Bishop Amat High School available to 8th graders interested in Bishop Amat. This took place a couple weeks after the entrance exam that the kids have to take when enrolling at Bishop Amat. At the beginning of the day some 8th graders answered questions, they answered the questions “What do you think of when you think of Amat?”, “What are your first impressions of Amat?”, and “What are you excited about going into high school”. Three boys responded saying “the baseball team”, “yeah the sports”, and “the academics”. Another boy was asked “What do you think high school is all about?” He responded with “I think that high school is all about preparing you for success after graduating and meeting new people.”

Visit days give prospective students a glance as a day in the life of a Lancer.  Classroom visits and an activity is scheduled for all Visit Days.  All prospective students currently in 7th or 8th grade may register for a Shadow or Visit Day. The day starts at 8:45 and ends at 2:30. Prospective students have a fun-packed but busy day. First they got dropped off at the Front Office by a Parent or Guardian who signed them in. Mr. Escovar and Coach Hagerty gave a presentation about Bishop Amat’s Academic and Athletic Programs in the new Performing Arts Center. The prospective students get to listen and participate in class lectures taught by freshman teachers who are also alumni. Lunch was provided by Bishop Amat, the kids got pizza, caprisuns, and doughnuts. After lunch the kids went to the Student Activity Center to watch the seniors, juniors, sophomores, and freshman compete and have fun during the Winter rally. They watched the winter captains get announced and compete in the game “Are you smarter than a 5th grader”.  During the rally the kids were very involved. They stood up and turned around when the senior class needed help after losing to the sophomores and they were yelling out answers during the captains game. At 2:30 the kids get picked up by their parents and their shadow day is complete.

Mrs. Leon, the registrar, plays a key role in doing what goes into a shadow day. Mrs. Leon spends weeks making sure everything is ready for when the kids come. For example she makes sure everyone signed up has a name tag, a number, and a color. Seeing how happy and excited the kids are, she had this to say, “I really like to share the Amat experience because I am also an alum here and a lot of the teachers that do the presentations are also alum here like mr rodriguez, mrs nass, mrs george, so they all kind of share their history and why they love Amat. I want them to kind of see what we do here at Amat.” Mrs. Leon is responsible for making sure all the kids are having fun and being safe.