A Star in the Making: Shaun Stinson

Sofia Borboa, Photography Editor

Monday, January 30th, sophomore, Shaun Stinson was interviewed about his basketball career and his involvement here at Bishop Amat High School.

Stinson has been on varsity since he was a freshman at Bishop Amat. He got to experience high-level basketball during his freshman year of high school. Stinson was one of many freshmen that got to experience this. 

“Being a freshman on varsity was scary; everyone was bigger than me, stronger than me, and better than me, but being able to actually have time to play on the court felt good; it was one of many accomplishments.”

Stinson also gets to experience his father, Quincy Stinson, being his coach. “My dad has been a coach of mine ever since I started playing basketball,” said Stinson.

“When having your father as a coach of yours, you have to meet some expectations that probably other teammates do not have to meet. This can be tough, but it can make you a better player and a tougher one.” 

Stinson said “Having a parent as a coach is always stressful. You have to live up to what they expect of you and meet the requirements they have for you during every single game. If you make a mistake, not only will you hear about it while playing or during practice, but you will also hear about it on the way home.”

During the interview, Stinson was asked questions about basketball and his involvement at Amat, as well as the opportunities that he has been given. 

Stinson told Bryce Bohorquez that he was involved in ASB. He is the sophomore class president for the class of 2025, and he has been his class president since last year. He also ran track last year.  

Stinson is a player who is passionate, motivated, and determined. He has confidence every single game and does not let any mistake from a past game determine his ability to play and perform in the next game. 

Stinson continues to be a scholar athlete and has his priorities straight. He is able to maintain good grades while still being able to play basketball, and have a social life. It is all about time management and determination. 

Stinson started playing basketball at the age of three years old because his father Quincy Stinson, had a great career and knew that his son had a shot at being just as good as him, if not better than him. 

The bonds that are created through playing the sport are the things that Stinson cherishes the most because they are like brothers who are there for each other through the good and through the bad. 

According to Stinson’s teammate, Anthony Acosta, he says “Stinson is a well-rounded athlete and person, that demonstrates good character on and off the court.”  

“I hope to be able to play at an ivy league school like Colombia or Stanford,” says Stinson. 

The three things Stinson needs to have with him during games and practices are “new shoes, ibuprofen, and my binder that has standards for each player to have when playing the game.”

Stinson hopes to continue playing basketball and lead his team to more victories while still being able to be a scholar athlete here at Bishop Amat.