The Boys Basketball team says students missing out on games

Matthew Rodriguez, a junior, dribbling

Madison Caro, Sports Editor

Friends, families, and classmates’ support never goes unnoticed when it comes to the Bishop Amat Boys Basketball team, as their attendance drives them to play to their fullest potential. 

In previous years, the Amat family would come out to support their fellow Lancers as they took on rivalries and played tough games. There would be plenty of attendance and support for the Lancers’ Boys Basketball team. 

Yet this year, there has been little to no attendance in the student section and it may be affecting the Lancers’ game performance. 

This season is Andre Saldivar’s, a junior, first season as a Lancer. He commented about not being able to experience a student section like the ones previously, but he takes notice of those who show up to support his team at his games. He believes that if more people were to show up for their basketball games, the team would be more energetic as a whole throughout the entire game.

“I feel like in the beginning we definitely come out slower, like we have less energy,” he said. “If there’s not a lot of people, we have to get that energy from ourselves.”

This year was also Matthew Rodriguez’s, a junior, first year playing for the Amat Boys Basketball team. He shed some light on how he thinks that if a larger number of supporters were to attend their games, the game would consist of spirit and intensity.

“I have never really seen the student section full,” Rodriguez said. “I think if people came it would bring more energy to the game and just into our team in general. It’s cool hearing them cheer us on and cheer on the team and just knowing that they support us.”

The student section helps out the Lancers to feel motivated during their games. Students who come and support them make a difference in how they feel on the court. 

Manuel Chavez, a senior and four year team member, also mentioned how he feels when fans come to support him. 

“I feel amazing. I feel energized. I feel excited,” Chavez said. “In a close game it is good to hear the loud cheers when we go up by a lot or we get the lead.”

Saldivar also claimed that the support from his friends and family who come to his games helps him enormously when he plays.

“It definitely helps me.” Saldivar said regarding their support. “I feel motivated because I want to do good. They are coming here to watch you so you want to play well for them.”

The players feel that if there were to be a larger turnout for their games, that it would affect them positively.

“With more people, it gives you more adrenaline, with the team, and confidence,” Saldivar said. “It shows that people want to watch you.” 

During the Lancers’ league season, home games were rarely packed. When they took on St. Pius X – St. Matthias Academy at home on Wednesday, there were only a couple of classmates to support the Lancers. 

Chavez expressed how he feels when little to no one shows up for their games. 

“It gets kind of awkward when there’s like two people there,” he said.

Rodriguez believes that actually having a student section full of students would benefit him and the team. 

“I think having a student section would just pump us up and have something to play for,” he said.

The student section has had less attendees due to a few rough years of COVID-19. Dawg Pound Leader Isabella Hernandez communicated her thoughts regarding the student section attendance for basketball games this year.

“I feel like COVID-19 kind of messed us up because with indoor sports you had to wear masks and you had to do all these sorts of things just to enjoy the game,” Hernandez said. “I feel like that’s what turned a lot of people off. But I feel like now that a lot of regulations have gone away, we should get back into having a packed Dawg Pound to support indoor sports.”

Hernandez continued to mention that the attendance has a lot to do with the student’s interest in basketball itself.

“I think basketball a lot of the time depends on the students and if they want to go to the games,” she said. “During our freshmen year of 2019 to 2020, a lot of students would go to the basketball games. I feel like if the Dawg Pound leaders put more effort into it, students would want to come and show their spirit like they did back then.”

The Boys Basketball team clearly appreciates the support they receive from their classmates at Amat. 

The Lancers’ will take on the Lions from Edgewood High School tonight, and will need all the support they can get to help celebrate the seniors on the team for their Senior Night.