Students and Teachers Adapt to Seven-Period Full Schedules

Grace Elder and Steven Ruan

The first seven-period full will be on Monday, and teachers and students alike have changed their habits and methods to keep pace with the shorter class periods and the increase in homework and grading over the weekend.

Teachers and even entire departments have changed the way they assign homework and classwork.

“In the World Languages Department, we decided to increase the classwork percent, and the homework will be a little bit less, because, for me, homework is crucial, it is very important. You are not only learning it here but you have to have continuation at home.” Mrs. Loayza said.

“When it comes to seven-period full days, I already know that I’m just going to keep it focused on one subject, for example with a lot of the language classes, we’re going to focus on reading ahead in novels,” Mr. Ardales said.

“With respect to the 45-minute class periods, and the fact that there are seven class periods, I take into account that the student has one less day to complete the assignment, so usually, what I’ve done thus far is actually to cut the assignment in half,” Ms. Shaw said.

In past years, the schedule has included very few seven-period full days, with most weeks starting on a regular four-block day, and many students and teachers wondered why this schedule change took place.

“It’s an effort to increase the class meetings, we want to make sure that each class meets three times a week,” Mr. Beck said. “Each week is its own entity; we have seven classes and five days in a week, so it’s never going to work without the seven-period full.”

Students will have to be more conscientious of their workload over the weekends in order to get all their assignments done for Monday classes.

“So for Monday seven-period full, I have to budget more time during the weekend by preparing for every class rather than just four classes for Monday,” Senior Timothy Wiratmo said.

“Honestly I just feel like having the whole seven-period new system kind of makes me more stressed out about all my homework and other classwork that I have to get finished. I just prefer having the old schedule,” Senior Fernando Torres said.

Both students and teacher will continue to adapt to the new schedule and better understand how it works and benefits everyone.

“I know I see everyone on Monday, so it’s good to enjoy the weekend, so you can’t give out too much over the weekend. That’s what I’ve always thought,” Mr. Espinoza said.