Opinion: Young people are right about gun laws


Alex Romero, Staff Writer

In a world where there is so much violence and hurt, we, Generation Z, are the ones who are here to speak up and have our voices heard. We might still only be young adults, but our voices matter and we have opinions that could potentially change the world.

Gun control among young adults is one of the issues that us young people really feel passionately about.

There have been about eighteen mass shootings in schools in the year 2018 alone. The last one, in Parkland, Florida, led to students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School speaking out in hopes for a change in laws as well as a change and in having a voice in the way the adults run the government.

It is scary to think that schools have gone from places that are supposed to be where we learn to help us succeed in life and instead become places of fear and sadness where we do not know when someone can come in and start shooting.

Stricter gun control laws need to come into effect if we want to make any type of change in our world.

Because we have not put stricter gun laws into effect, here in California anyone at the age of 18 can buy a shotgun or rifle. They can then customize it to make it automatic and shoot off as many bullets as they want.

Even though we are considered adults at 18, we are still teenagers who are figuring our lives out. People our age should not be able to freely step into a gun store and buy multiple firearms that can take innocent lives.

We are still adolescents who do not know any better and are still trying to figure our lives out. A fear of an untimely death because some crazy dude walks into our schools with an automatic firearm that has the capacity to take the lives of many people in only a few short seconds, should not be a factor in which we have to deal with at such a young age.

In 2018 alone, there have been 30 mass shootings alone. President Trump has yet to do anything about implementing gun laws.

Some of these mass shootings, such as the Las Vegas shooting, have not been categorized as terrorist attacks, which President Trump seems to think only occur when someone that is not a white male American attacks.

According to The Washington Post, young adult white males are the most common perpetrators of mass shootings ranging from ages of 20 to 49.

Older generations never had to go through the fear and terror we do today because there were not nearly as many mass shootings as there are in our society today. Mass shootings have become a part of our everyday lives which means that we have the right to be able to speak up an protest it.

We are not children anymore! We are young adults!

What we have to say matters whether people like it or not and we should be listened to because, in the long run, we could be making a difference for generations to come.