Movie Review: ‘La La Land’


Audrey Parayno, Social Media Editor

Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling come together for their third movie collaboration in the movie musical dramedy La La Land, and it’s great.

The movie takes place in modern-day Los Angeles and follows the story line of two artists throughout the four seasons of the year. One being a barista, Mia (Emma Stone), with the dream of becoming an actress, and the other being a jazz-obsessed pianist, Sebastian (Ryan Gosling), who hopes to open his own jazz bar.

Both of the characters have a passion for what they want to do, and that drives the story line along. Written and directed by Damien Chazelle, La La Land takes your emotions on a journey with its plot, cinematography, setting, and music.

Chazelle tells a story of passion for the future versus passion for love, and how those two thing can come into conflict. The narrative he creates allows the audience to laugh, feel good, and be hopeful, but at the same time it gives the audience a chance to empathize with the pain and struggles that can come with the joy. He tells an honest story of life and reminds the audience that you can’t get everything you want, but if you work hard, you’ll get the things that will best benefit you.

The camerawork in the movie, along with the scenery it shows, contribute to the overall “feel-good” feeling of the movie. The movie highlights different parts of Los Angeles, from the traffic-filled freeways, to the ocean, to the Griffith Observatory, and it all gives the audience an even better sense of the fact that the main characters are in LA because of their hopes to achieve their dreams. Although the cinematography makes you dizzy from time to time, it adds to the overall “Hollywood” hustle and bustle feel that is evident in the entertainment business.

The number one thing that tops off the movie and makes it exceptional is the music. The movie itself is a musical, and the music ties the acting, setting, plot, and feeling all together. Composed and orchestrated by Justin Hurwitz, with the lyrics written by the duo Pasek and Paul, the music is phenomenal and it adds to everything whether it be the acting, setting, or plot. It makes you feel the emotions, and it’s like everything else adds to the music instead of vice-versa.

La La Land is a remarkable movie and it exceeds in everything it brings to the table. This movie will make you feel good, hopeful, sad, and wanting more. A good movie makes you feel something, and La La Land does just that. Even though the movie is over two hours, there is never a moment where you wish for it to be over.
Rating: 10/10