All-League star Ford proves a worthy replacement

Brandon Cummings, Staff writer

A day after senior Jarren Ford led Bishop Amat to a 38-21 victory over Alemany, receivers coach Zachary Hagerty heaped loads of praise on him.

“Ford hasn’t played this well since Jserra,” he said.

Ford was named offensive player of the week and received the traditional award of a t-shirt.

Ford accepted that award and gave thanks to Elias Flores, a defensive scout player who worked hard and helped Ford be prepared for the game.

“I wouldn’t have received this award without your help. Come get what you deserve,” Ford said.

Ford knew how hard scout players work because he was in the same position last year going against three-star athlete Christian Gaston.

The year before, Ford received multiple awards as a scout player and now he transitioned into the starter giving the award to the person who really deserved it.

“You’re the real MVP,” Ford told Flores.

Ford was the new go-to target after the former four-star athlete Tyler Vaughns left to USC.

There were a lot of questions about how Ford would play his last year of high school ball.  Fortunately, he answered well by ending the year with Mission League first-team honors.

Ford didn’t feel any pressure for the year saying he had no doubts he would perform well.

“I’m going to do me like I usually do,” Ford said. “I know my capability and know I can be that guy.”

When the coaches picked from each class to lead the team for the year,  Ford was unfortunately not chosen despite him being a senior and playing a huge role for the team on the offensive side of the ball.

Frida Ford, Jarren’s mother, had a few words to share about that decision, but never made a conflict out of it.

“I don’t get why people always look over him,” she said. “That is okay though he is going to prove everyone wrong in so many different ways.”

Even though there are some people who overlook Ford, there are also a few who recognizes his work and dedication, like teammate Matthew Nugent and Offensive Coordinator Sean Koelle.

“Jarren works hard everyday and he shows us that if you work hard it will pay off,” Nugent said.

Coach Koelle praised Ford for his contributions to the team.

“Jarren has definitely stepped up for us taking up the role as our leading receiver,” he said. “He leads the team in touchdowns, receptions, and yardage.  He has been a key factor in our success as an offense.”

Ford stayed in the top five in the Mission League under the receiving yards category most of the season. He wanted to make sure he stayed there but the offense started to struggle at the end of the season.

“If it wasn’t for me he wouldn’t even be in the top five,” quarterback Blake Archaleta said while laughing. “No, Jarren is freaking good man. I’m so glad I was able to play with him in his last year.”

By the middle of the season, fans knew who to watch for on the field. Ford continued to impress people with his tip-toe and diving catches that led to touchdowns.

Chaminade was the most important game of the regular season being the homecoming game and the game that can make or break Ford’s team of playoff birth.

Ford knew he would have to play his hardest and impress the alumni.

“I told people I’m going off this game and I made sure I was able to backup what I said,” Ford said.

Ford did exactly what he said he was going to do and that was “go off.”  Ford led the team to victory in the nail-biting game that finished in overtime. Ford had only six receptions but ran for more than 90 yards with two touchdowns.

Ford’s season was over after losing in the first round of Division I football playoffs.  He hopes he can get an offer at any program so he can to continue to play football.

“I’ll go anywhere if I can get something, but if I don’t oh well,” Ford said.