TV Show Review: ‘Haters Back Off’


Audrey Parayno, Social Media Editor

“Haters Back Off” is the first Netflix show to actually be based on a YouTube created character.

On YouTube, Colleen Ballinger’s fictional character, Miranda Sings, is portrayed as self-absorbed, talentless, and peculiar. However, in the new series, Miranda Sings is still all of these things, but you get to see a different side of her that you can’t see in her YouTube videos.

Ever since Ballinger created the character of Miranda, she’s been making the backstory of Miranda’s life that we haven’t been able to see until now. Miranda often references her mom and uncle who seem to be just as strange as her, but in the tv show, we get to actually see them. The show also introduces new characters that haven’t been mentioned in her videos but play major roles in Miranda’s life.

“Haters Back Off” gives a look into Miranda’s everyday life. If you watch the show with the hopes of seeing your typical YouTube video Miranda, you may not be satisfied. You still get your normal Miranda, but you also get to see a different side of her. You get to see her social life and how she reacts to different everyday situations. The show begins with Miranda recording and uploading her first YouTube video with her Uncle Jim. From there, it gives an insight of what life is like in the Miranda Sing’s household.

The show humanizes Sings and shows off a more emotional side of Miranda that isn’t seen on YouTube. Just like the other characters, she gains more of an arc and it’s really interesting to see. She is just as obnoxious as she is on YouTube, but the show gives you a chance to empathize with her and that’s kind of nice.

Overall, the show does the YouTube character justice. It presents a side of Miranda Sings and her life that you never thought you’d see. It’s really interesting to see Colleen Ballinger’s character, who she actually created as a joke, become a reality. The fact that Miranda Sings started off as a YouTube personality with no background and now has a tv show based on her life is unbelievable.

This show may not be for everyone, but if you watch Miranda Sings on YouTube and can tolerate her, you’ll probably enjoy this. If you’re really curious to see why Miranda is the way she is, you’ll be satisfied. “Haters Back Off” does a great job at developing the entire world of Miranda Sings.

Rating: 8/10