Students lead first Bible study in the Lighthouse

Junior Gillian Jones leads the first Lighthouse Bible Study.

Shealyn Fitzsimons, Staff Writer

Friendly faces and warm smiles filled The Lighthouse on Thursday when Bishop Amat had its first weekly Bible study. There were about a half-dozen students chatting and having a deep discussion about scripture.

Junior Gillian Jones led the first Bible study in The Lighthouse alongside Ms. Pinel and a small group of students to focus on scripture and the message behind it.

The session started with everyone going around the room, introducing and welcoming one another.

The group was a bit on the smaller side, but for Amat’s first Bible study there were plenty of students to share their thoughts with each other.

After the introductions, Jones gave everyone papers with where to find the readings of the day and the discussion questions that followed.

Everyone received a Bible and read scripture from the Old and New Testaments while analyzing what they said.

Afterwards, Jones went through her discussion questions and everyone had plenty to say when it was discovered that plenty of religions other than Catholicism were being represented in the room.

“That’s the beautiful thing about Bible Study is that it doesn’t necessarily have to be a Catholic thing, it’s for Christians as well so it can unite us together,” said Ms. Marlene Pinel, Bishop Amat’s Campus Minister. “There were Catholics, we had a Protestant, a Lutheran, and a Christian.”

Ms.Pinel emphasized the importance of Bible study being student-led. She said she is looking for new students every week who would like to share an interesting message from the Bible that speaks to them.

“It’s important that Bible Study is student-led because I definitely think that students have something to say. I’ve been able to watch my students shine and lead great discussions,” she said.

The purpose of Bible Study is not necessarily to “study” the bible, but to learn about our faith.

“God wants to speak to us, so it’s important that we have a conversation, not just with us, but with the people around us so others can pull out what you have gotten out of something,” said Ms. Pinel.

Although Bible study is about analyzing Scripture readings, Ms. Pinel said that inspiration is really what she hopes the students get out of it, and that they will be inspired to go out and inspire others as well.

Students may bring any Scripture they want to discuss as well as friends who are looking for a nice group to talk to.

Any student is welcome to attend Bible study on Thursdays during lunch, and any student can lead Bible Study regardless of whether or not they are in Faith in Action or Christian Leadership. Bible study will be held every Thursday in The Lighthouse, room 604.