Lancers express mixed emotions with new mass dress code

Monsignor Carroll reads the Liturgy to the Amat student body.

Owen Egger

Ian Johnson, Staff Writer

The students at Bishop Amat wore their new mass uniforms for the first time Monday brought mixed emotions from students, but deans had positive reactions.

The new mass uniform consists of a white button down shirt, khakis, and a tie for boys, and a white button shirt and beige/tan skirt for girls.

Some students had positive reactions.

“I like these uniforms,” said junior Nick Favela. “Most people can look good in these.”

Others had more negative reactions.

“Personally, I don’t agree with the new uniform,” said junior Chris Orozco. “Polo shirts were good enough just as long as they were like tucked in, got a belt.”

The new dress code was announced over summer and will be required for all mass days of the 2015-16 school year.

Dean Ms. Christine Shaw was excited about how the new dress code looked on students.

“I pulled up to the first stop sign and I saw everyone walking in—all the students, teachers alike in this new uniform, the khaki pants, the gentlemen in the ties, the ladies in the khaki skirt—and the first thing I wanted to do was wrap my arms around the entire student body and hug the whole idea,” she said.

Mrs. Shaw also mentioned that this new dress code was a step in a process, indicating there may be other changes in the future.

“So to sum it up, this uniform, this change, is the beginning of what I think might possibly change further,” she said. “If we like the idea of a certain type of shoe that might go with it or maybe, a blazer, who knows? The opportunities are endless.”

What exactly the changes may be, when they will happen, and if they will happen at all, she did not say.

There are several more mass days remaining this school year where students will be required to wear the new clothes. The next mass will be on Oct. 5.