Maddden 25 takes it all the way


Written by Gerardo Duarte / Staff Writer

Madden 25 went all out for their 25th anniversary edition of the beloved Madden series which features former Lions running back Barry Sanders on this year’s cover.

This year’s game was thought to be the most revolutionary because of this year being their 25th year of the making Madden the most successful football video game series ever. However, only some minor things were changed.

The game still does not disappoint many fans and is said to be the best football simulation experience.

Their unique “Infinity Engine” received some tweaking and the game rarely glitches. The players look as realistic as can be. Every tackle and every hit are different in appearance and feeling.

The developers fixed one of the most annoying glitches in last year’s Madden 13, which made players trip over each other. Now, if you stumble on a defender you still have a chance to stay on your feet and keep running by using the right stick on the controller.

Advertisements raved about the game’s new running mechanics. Maneuvers as a runner are more realistic than ever before. Developers have touched up the spin, juke, stiff arm, and hurdle move and made them much more crisp and smooth.

Another new feature is the “Connected Franchise” mode. In this revamped game mode, players can take control as an owner, coach, or player.  As an owner, players control all aspects of the team which include player personnel and financing.

The presentation of the game is so realistic it seems as if though you are actually watching a Sunday afternoon football game. The announcers also sound very realistic, including play by play calling.

Although the touchdown dance animations are frequently recycled, Madden 25 is the most advanced football game of the series.

The game seems to focus more on the gameplay aspect more than the appearance which some people are concerned about, but most players are satisfied.

Overall, the game plays really smooth with some minor things that could be patched later in the game’s life cycle but altogether it’s an upgrade from the game football fans know and love.