Review: ‘Paramore’

Review: Paramore

Story by Carolina Galindo
Staff Writer

Rate: 4/5

After a long period of recovering from behind the scenes drama with losing two founding members back in 2009, Paramore is back at it in efforts to prove they can rise to the top and ‘restart’ with only three members. The Tennessee native female fronted band released their long awaited self-titled album last Tuesday.

While their older songs were being written about sad sack singer Hayley Williams’s love life, Paramore’s theme is more about growing up and redemption from past mistakes.

The band released their first single “Now” in early January of 2013, long before the rest of the album was to be released. Although the single did not make it to number one on the charts, it did considerably well among the devoted Paramore fans whose excitement was triggered.

The second single “Still Into You” was dropped later in March with a much better reaction and a number one spot on the UK Rock Billboard chart.

The rest of the album finally dropped on April 9, 2013. To listener’s surprise, the band had almost completely changed their sound leaving only a bit of their punk pop roots in certain songs.

Unlike other bands who like to stay within the comfort zone of their own subgenre, Paramore wrote their songs not categorizing any of them. The track “Ain’t It Fun” has a funk feel to it while “Hate To See Your Heart Break” sounds like a country song and “(One Of Those) Crazy Girls” sounds like a track that was recorded in the 60’s.. If that isn’t diverse enough, the album also includes three interludes incorporating nothing but vocals and a ukulele.

Overall, the album definitely satisfies the tastes of devoted fans as well as recruiting some first time listeners. Will the band be able to make number one on the charts? Only time will tell.