God of War Continues Successful Run


Story by Joseph Moronez

Staff Writer


“God of War: Ascension” is the third person action adventure prequel to the God of War series.

In the game you play as Kratos and find out how he was imprisoned by the furies and how he broke out in order to seek revenge upon Ares the God of War for tricking him into killing his family.

Players have a series of powers that they find as they go throughout the story, like “swords of chaos”. This enables players to choose from the Fire of Ares, Ice of Poseidon, Lightning of Zeus, and the Souls of Hades.

Each power is unique to a certain enemy which gives the player a various amount of ways to kill. Also, throughout the game they will find swords, javelins, and clubs that they may can use against enemies.

The variation of powers players can use is great but the variation of types of enemies you fight is also great.

Every now and then the player will fight a mini boss such as a cyclops or a juggernaut instead of a regular foot soldier.

Everything they kill and destroy lets the player get red orbs which allow them to upgrade their weapon and powers that lets them use special moves such as Spartan’s Revenge and Spirit of Hercules.

The game is great overall with also letting them to upgrade their health and magic if they find Gorgon Eyes and Phoenix Feathers.

The game has beautiful graphics and the sound effects are amazing, especially the special effects such as blood showing on the players body for decapitating an enemy that will show throughout the mission.

The campaign isn’t slow, their is plenty of action and same goes for the gameplay.