Game Review – ‘Aliens: Colonial Marines’



“Aliens: Colonial Marines” is a first-person shooter set between the movies “Aliens” and “Alien 3,” where marines are sent to a colony to salvage it and find an unexpectedly smart enemy, the xenomorphs.

The gameplay is unlike any other first-person shooter in good and bad ways.

In the game you have a variety of weapons to use that varies the game and gives you a sense of horror that you don’t normally get from a first-person shooter.

The bad thing is with all this horror, they made the game too dark. This effect may be nice to provide extra suspense, but in the end it sometime hard to see where you are going.

The campaign of the game is great fighting different types of xenomorphs from the standard soldier xeno to a crusher with its impenetrable armor which leaves you with one choice, run. Other xenos include the queen and the spitter, who spits its acid substance to burn you.

What also makes the campaign great is that you can play it in co-op with a friend, making it the first of the series to do this.

In the multiplayer you can either play as one of four marines or one of four xenomorphs to fight each other. The xenos have an advantage with the darkness on their side and the fact that they can walk on walls and the ceiling. For the marines you have to stick together in order to survive while trying to accomplish an objective.

“Aliens: Colonial Marines” is a good game with a variety in its campaign to its multiplayer.