iPhone 4S Takes a Futuristic Leap

iPhone 4S Takes a Futuristic Leap

Story by Selena Legaspy
Copy Editor

The iPhone 4S has the same body, same screen, same construction, same look as the iPhone 4 but is equipped with elements of the future.

It’s been 15 months from the time Apple released the iPhone 4. This has left many iPhone, and to-be iPhone customers, anxious for what the company planned to bring next.

Vice president of iPhone product marketing, Greg Joswiak introduced Siri, A5 dual processor, and a better camera to the new generations of iPhones.

Siri is the intelligent assistant that can help you fulfill almost any task. It is the first voice recognizing system that not only knows what you say but what you mean.

Using Siri is easy. It’s like having a conversation with your iPhone, you simply talk to it as if it was a person and it will find the information you need, and answer your questions. When asking “Where is the closest dry cleaner’s from here,” it will respond with “I found a number of dry cleaners fairly close to you” with the directions and estimated time of arrival within seconds.

Siri is the quick proactive voice recognition program that helps navigate you to where you want to go, find somewhere to eat, check the weather, and even move meetings. Siri can even take down dictations. Instead of spending time typing out text messages and emails, users are able to use their voice push the done button and send their message off without any hassle.

The A5 dual-core chip makes the iPhone the most powerful yet. The two cores in the A5 chip allow for two times the power and seven times faster graphics. The power efficiency of the A5 is excellent. You can make calls, check mail, browse the web, and open apps without pushing its limits. This makes the battery life longer and stronger.

The iPhone 4S’ new camera has all new optics, 8-megapixel resolution, and a larger lens. With 60 percent more pixels, pictures come out clear and precise. You can now take a picture edit straight from your iPhone and share with friends.

Apple users are significantly impressed by the speed and usefulness of the iPhone 4S but are skeptics when it comes to seeing how Apple will improve on iPhones to come.

These features raise the bar not only on overall phone performances but within the iPhone company as well. Apple has introduced the world to the smartest, fastest, and most helpful iPhone of its time.