‘Unbroken’ Gives Listeners Hope

Story by Adriana Ponce
Staff Writer

Rating: 5/5

The wait for Demi Lovato’s new album is finally over. Demi came out with her debut album “Unbroken,” and the artist is dropping in full force.

For Lovato, this year has been a rollercoaster. The 19 year-old had been in rehab for suffering from bulimia and depression. Now the artist is back on track and ready to share her story, full-circle, through “Unbroken” that dropped on September 20, 2011.

On “Unbroken”, the singer wandered away from her rock roots, which she was originally known for, and delivered more pop, rock and r&b.

Lovato’s 15-track album, opens with “All Night Long” featuring Missy Elliot and Timbaland which is a great start that includes a guitar riff, a hip-hop rhythm, and pop vocals.

“Who’s That Boy” features electro, hip-hop songstress, Dev. This song happens to be the most upbeat song out of the whole album. This tune seemed intentionally made for the club, since it is about finding that special someone while hitting the dance floor.

The up-tempo song, “You’re My Only Shorty,” features upbeat artist, IYAZ. Demi Lovato channels glass-breaking vocals as IYAZ sings to Lovato, explaining that she is his one and only.

This empowering track “Together” that is joined with pop singer, Jason Derulo, will surely speak to many kids. This song has an R&B vibe and includes very passionate vocals. The lyrics explain that we will get through all the hard times and that we need rise above arrogance.

“Lightweight” embraces Lovato’s limits of taking her voice to the next level. It includes high-pitched vocals and lyrics that girls could relate to today. The artist portrays the vulnerability of love throughout the whole song as she sings “I’m a lightweight, better be careful what you say.”

The album’s title track “Unbroken” opens up with industrial beats leading. This track explains her most of her journey. She lets her fans know that she is back and stronger than ever.

“Fix a Heart” is a very instrumental tune that explains the story of a breakup. Possibly, she is telling the story of how her relationship went wrong with former Jonas Brother, Joe Jonas. Demi proves to her fans that she could also sing soft and sweet and not so high-pitched.

“Hold Up” is a song that is similar to house music. In this song, we see how Demi has really grown up from her previous albums.

“Mistake” opens with an electronic beat thinking we, the listeners are going to hear another song similar to previous tracks, but it does a full 180 and turns the song into more of a pop tune. This track has elements that are sort of similar to her previous work. Lovato explains her moving on from a dysfunctional relationship.

“Give Your Heart Break” switches of from a symphonic tune to contemporary pop. This song explains when boy meets girl. It’s a very catchy song and easy to dance to.

“Skyscraper” is the chart topping song out of the whole album. That was also a great comeback for the young artist. The message of song surely sums up her state of mind. Her songwriting really shines though this lyrical song.

“In Real Life” opens up with a tune that will probably remind you of riding a carousel, but makes a full circle to a more contemporary beat and more of R&B vocals made by Lovato. She sings about the dreams she has of having a particular relationship with a particular boy.

“My Love is Like a Star” is a slow jam tune that relates a lot to Mary J. Blige. This song portrays the love she has for various people.

“For the Love of a Daughter” is the most serious song Lovato has in her whole album. The only instrument played in this song is the piano. The young actress tells her story to her fans of the problems she has at home. This song will touch young girls going through a parent’s divorce.

“Skyscaper (Wizz Dubb Remix)” is a song that takes the song to a whole new level. Though, the stripped-down song of the original song, Wizz Dubb takes it to an R&B feel.

Demi Lovato, surely impressed her fans with this albulm. Every single one of her tracks is relatable and it also tells a story of her state of mind now. She finally made a comeback and she is now back for good.