Healthy Foods That Help Beat the Heat

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Story by Christian Garay
Staff Writer

It’s finally starting to feel like summer. The intense heat and temperatures are reaching over one hundred degrees daily. Some people are finding it hard to stay cool, including Bishop Amat students. Here are a couple healthy and great tasting foods to keep cool in this un-cool weather.

As most people already know, fruits and vegetables are one of the most vital secrets for staying cool in unbearably hot weather. Many fruits and vegetables such as cucumbers and celery contain unique anti-oxidants, such vitamin-A and beta carotene, which are both beneficial toward your health.

Fruits and vegetables are an easy and healthy way to stay refreshed in the scorching heat.

“I’m constantly bringing fruit to school, said senior at Bishop Amat, Giselle Jimenez. “I can’t even imagine functioning and staying cool without it. Usually I like to eat apples and watermelon because they are so refreshing.”

Another very tasty way of keeping cool is frozen yogurt. When its really hot, many people tend to turn toward ice cream or sugar-filled popsicles only to be left thirsty and hot. A great alternative is frozen yogurt.

Although frozen yogurt is not a miracle food, it has many health benefits that ice cream and other frozen treats don’t have. Even adding some fruit toppings can provide an extra healthy boost to get through the hot day. With a Pinkberry, Yogurtland, or Tutti Frutti on pretty much every corner, the options are endless.

“I love frozen yogurt, I’m always stopping by Tutti Fruitti on the way home from school because it helps me cool down after a long, hot day of school.” said Amat junior Jacob Sanchez.

Sure, these foods won’t make the heat go away but they will definitely make the heat a little more bearable while adding a healthy twist to any eater’s diet.

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