Spring Musical ’23 will bring Emerald City to Amat

Audrey Natividad

Kareena Renteria, Staff Writer

Bishop Amat Theater Program is currently preparing for their second annual musical, The Wizard of Oz. The show will be held in the newly constructed Performing Arts Center in late March.

 Cast members and ensemble were selected in early January and have since been involved with music rehearsals. Soon, they will venture into other components of the show. 

“Right now, we’re going over songs,” said senior Mario Aguayo. “We’re just learning our pieces and soon we’re going into dancing.” 

Aguayo is also the lead for Tinman in the musical, a character famously known as being painted entirely silver. Preparing for these special performances has indeed become an important part of rehearsal. 

“It’s exciting,” said Aguayo. “I’ll be all gray and I think I might have to cut my hair. But I’m excited to do it.” 

Other cast members express their elation at the coming weeks of music and dance rehearsals in the PAC. Past musicals did not have the luxury of working on an actual stage in front of a live audience. 

Students who participated in last year’s musical hope to show more knowledge of show-making this time around. 

“I’m super excited especially because last time it was the first musical in the theater, so now we actually have more experience,” said cast member Katelyn Bazyouros. “We get to run it a little more smoothly and it’s gonna be so cool.”

Theater department director Ms. Gallegos specifically chose the Wizard of Oz for its extravagant scenes that will require a substantial amount of practice. 

“We picked the Wizard of Oz because it’s just a really classic show,” said Ms. Gallegos. “We have four main leads. I picked it because it has a lot of big dance numbers and a lot of special effects. It’s a lot of fun.”

The cast members can expect to make changes to their acting methods, specifically the way they talk and handle themselves. 

However, making these sorts of changes will be no problem for a few leads. Research about the original actors has already been made.

“So what I looked at is where the actor [who played Tin Man] came from,” said Aguayo. “He’s from Boston, so I’m learning to talk with a Boston accent and stuff. I’m also learning his mannerisms and the way he speaks.”

Expectations for the big show are through the roof. Students speak about their excitement for their families coming to see them make their debut.

“It’s my time to shine,” says cast member Emily Medina. “My family’s selling out half the theater the first night. I’m ready!” 

Audiences can choose from four different show dates, ranging from March 24-25 to March 31-April 1.