Lighthouse shines spotlight on students faith with ‘Real Talk’

Tyler McGee joins hands for prayer

Vikesha Vega, Religion Editor

Christian songs filled half of the 600 wing. Smiling faces from different grades, sports and clubs lit up the room. Mr. DeVera controlled the music trying to create a holy feeling in the room.

Every student who came was welcomed in and offered some fresh homemade cookies. It was already a full house within the first ten minutes and the students were already making themselves comfortable and well acquainted with the bean bags.

On Tuesday during lunch, the Christian Leadership Council held their first “Real talk Tuesday” in the Lighthouse room 604 with the hopes of gaining new students who want to put their faith into action and give back to God.

The leaders took the floor and broke the ice by giving the newcomers three minutes to introduce themselves to as many people as they could.

Afterwards, everyone in the room held hands forming a enormous chain to gather for prayer that was lead by seniors Alex Flores and Tatiana Corona.

Mr. Christopher DeVera, Bishop Amat’s new campus minister, said the purpose of the Real Talk Tuesdays is to “plant seeds in all the hearts of the students and deepen their relationship with God and by doing that we hope to form a unity in all the brothers and sisters of Christ.”

Students said they enjoyed their time to relax and reflect on their faith.

“It is time for you to take off the mask that you are putting up for everyone else,” senior cheerleader Stephanie Sapien said. “It a place to be real with not only yourself but with God as well.”

Sophomore Carissa Gonzalez heaped praise on the discussion.

“They’re real to you and just want you to be yourself and no one else,” Gonzalez said. “It is a place to just be yourself and take off the mask you have been wearing because no one is going to judge you.”

Mr. DeVera began the meeting by welcoming everyone who showed up and cracking a few jokes to make everyone feel comfortable.

In his discussion, he compared superheroes to our daily struggles.

“Superheroes go through so much carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders,” DeVera said.

Afterwards, the leaders took the floor and broke the ice by giving the newcomers three minutes to introduce themselves to as many people as they could.

Senior Alexis Baltierrez shared her experience of a time when they felt God’s love the most—the time her grandfather conquered cancer.

“It is the little miracles that happen in our lives are a constant reminder that God’s love is the key to true happiness,” Baltierrez said.

He ended his talk by inviting the students return because in the Lighthouse.

“It is okay to fail and feel out of place,” he said.

The Christian Leadership will hold Real Talk Tuesdays every Tuesday at lunch in the Lighthouse.