Teachers stress importance of disaster drill

Olivia Garcia and Victoria Vieira

Olivia Garcia, Staff writer

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The Bishop Amat Lancers participated in a disaster drill last Wednesday that occurred inside the classrooms and outside of the school.

This disaster drill helps the school as a whole prepare for any disasters that will strike.

“I think it affects the school tremendously because it is a life and death situation and if we are not adequately prepared then lives can be lost,” social studies teacher Mr. Jonathan Cornell said.

The Lancers engage in this drill every year at the beginning of the school year.

“As a teacher it’s important so we know where we’re going both as teachers and as students. This prepares the school for any possible disasters,” religion teacher Mr. Michael Bertotti said.

After the disaster drill, we had a fire drill that students were unaware of. They knew what to do and where to go.

“I think it helps keep the school up to date on what they should be doing,” social studies teacher Mr. Brian Espinosa. “As we saw after the disaster drill we had a fire drill and everyone went exactly where they needed to go. It shows we were prepared.”