Fathers and Sons Gather at Amat for Barbecue

Fathers and Sons Gather at Amat for Barbecue

La Puente – Bishop Amat held their first ever Father-Son Barbeque on Nov. 19 in the Carroll Center. Fathers and sons were welcomed by the female ASB officers and Activities Coordinators, Mrs. Seman and Mrs. Leeman.

In the past years, Bishop Amat only held a mother-son dance along with a father-daughter dance. This year was changed to a father-son and mother-daughter event that will take place in the spring.

“The students’ family dynamics were changing,” Mrs. Seman said. “A lot of families might have been missing out on certain events.”

The event consisted of games, food, and watching the rivalry football game between USC and UCLA. An inflatable basketball hoop and football target game were set up in the gymnasium. There was also an inflatable obstacle course that stirred fun competition among the guests. 

Many father-son duos showed up in their favorite sportswear, supporting their football teams. Others showed up in flannels. 

The college football game captivated the dads, while their sons played basketball or raced in the course. 

“My favorite part of the night was meeting new people and parents,” senior parent, Anthony Juarez, said. 

Anthony’s son, Sebastian Juarez, sat with his friends from ASB.  

“Mine was seeing friends outside of school,” Sebastian said.

While plenty of dads and sons attended the event together, the whole group united to socialize together. 

Many dads were seen sitting together while watching the game. Even USC and UCLA fans held a friendly competition by cheering when their team scored. 

As the night progressed, a barbeque meal was served. Fathers and sons were served a plate of ribs, grilled chicken, and bread with a side of fruit and salad. 

During the meal, fathers were given the chance to sit down and talk to their sons. 

“Sebastian loves food. My favorite memory would be taking him to different restaurants to try new foods,” Anthony Juarez said.

Another dad, Vincent Jaime, and his son, Nathan Jaime, took the opportunity of trying out the obstacle course.

 “I enjoyed racing in the jumpy house,” Vincent said. 

The multiple activities allowed students and parents to reach out to each other. 

The idea to switch the event was introduced by Mrs. Seman. 

“Every year will alternate from the Father-Son Barbeque and Mother-Daughter Brunch to Father-Daughter Dance and Mother-Son Dance,” Mrs. Seman said.

With a turnout of ninety father-son duos, the night was a success. Whether fathers and sons were watching the game or racing on the obstacle course, the night was a time to strengthen bonds.