Students at Harry Styles’ Love on Tour



Senior Hannah Diot attended six Harry Styles concerts during his Love On Tour, 15 nights at the Forum within the last two months. 

She attended the October 23rd, October 29th, October 31st, November 11th, November 14th, and November 15 shows.

Hannah camped out for the concerts on October 23rd and October 31st and shared some of her experiences. 

Diot said that she camped out with two of her friends, one being Senior Hali’a Kahanu for the October 23rd show, and started the night before at 6:00 pm. 

“It was very cold, but we made some friends in line and got their Instagrams. It was fun.”, Hannah stated.

She also gave her account about camping out two nights before the concert on Halloween saying that, “there was already a lot of people there but not too many…we walked to In-n-Out one night which was scary but worth it.” 

Fans such as Hannah and her friends are more than willing to camp out on a cold night in Inglewood, California for the concert because of the amount of love they have for Harry Styles. 

Just like Hannah, dozens of Amat’s students attended Harry Styles concerts at the Kia Forum

Senior Beau Rodriguez, attended four Harry Styles concerts on September 15th at Madison 

Square Garden, New York, October 31st at The Kia Forum, November 14th at The Kia Forum,

and November 15th at The Kia Forum. 

Senior Bella Buccino also went to a Harry Styles concert on November 11th with her little sister Mia Buccino, Sophomore.  

Fans of Styles love going to see him in concerts not only to listen to him sing some of his most beloved songs but to also see the fan interactions he does in between songs. 

When videos of Styles’ concerts are posted online, they are almost always of Harry’s interactions with his fans. 

Fans are able to express their love for Harry Styles through the posters they make to take to the shows and Styles takes multiple chances to read these posters and share interactions with some of his fans. 

Some interactions that Styles has taken part in during the shows are helping with marriage proposals, coming out statements, and even revealing the gender of their baby.

Bella shared some of her favorite Harry-to-fan interactions during the concert, one being a gender reveal. 

Beau stated that her favorite Harry-to-fan interaction was Harry singing Happy Birthday to a fan in the pit section and said, “I went to the show on my birthday, so it felt like he was singing to me too!”

Experiences, such as Beau’s, show that Harry’s interactions allow him to connect to fans on another level, which is one of the many reasons why so many people have so much love for him. 

One of the most exciting things for Harry Styles fans that are attending a show is the anticipation of what outfit Styles is going to wear that night. 

Beau shared in detail each of Styles’ outfits that she saw live. On the first night, Harry wore “pink pants with a red and white polka dot top.” 

On October 31st he “dressed as Danny Zuko from Grease for Halloween.” 

On November 14th he wore “white pants with a black and white sparkly polka dot top.” 

Lastly, on November 15th he wore “lavender pants and a lime green top with pink sparkly hearts.”

Just exciting as it is to try and figure out what outfit Harry Styles will be wearing, it is also just as fun to figure out your own outfit. 

Many of Styles’ fans are inspired by his fashion statements, so they make sure to show up in their own extravagant and fun outfits. 

Love on Tour guests are usually seen in vibrant boas, cowboy hats, patterned pants, fun sunglasses, flouncy tops, etc. 

When going to a Harry Styles concert many like to think big and surround their outfits with loud patterns, glitter, and sequins.

Beau explained some of the outfits she put together and wore at the concerts she attended. 

On the first show, she wore an all-pink outfit. The second show she attended was on Halloween, or as Styles’ fans would say “Harryween”, she dressed as Sharpay from High School Musical 3. 

On the third show, she wore a Taylor Swift inspired shirt with pink jeans. Lastly, at the last show she attended, she wore sparkly black pants and a brown top.

“I wore fun outfits for each show because I wanted to feel comfortable and happy in what I was wearing and have a fun time!” Beau expresses how much she liked dressing up for the concerts.

Buying tickets for a Harry Styles concert can be stressful because people want seats with the best view possible, but there are so many people trying to buy tickets that they sell out very fast. 

The three seating chart sections to choose from in the Forum venue are the pit, lower bowl, or upper bowl. 

For most Styles fans the pit is the dream spot to be in because it is all of the floors that surround the stage that Styles performs on. 

Fans in the pit are jumping around, dancing, forming conga lines, and even performing an all-fan choreographed dance called the boot scoot to one of Styles’ top hits “Treat People With Kindness”. 

Hannah Diot had the opportunity of sitting in all of the seating sections at the Forum venue. 

On October 23rd she sat in the pit and stated “I was on one of the corners of the big square, he was right in front of my face.” 

On October 29th she sat in the upper bowl on the side Styles exits from. On October 31st she once again sat in the pit “on the catwalk where he sings ‘Sign of the Times’ and does the whale.” 

On November 11th she sat in the upper bowl in the middle.

On November 14th she sat in the lower bowl on the side where Styles exits from.

Lastly, on November 15th she sat in the lower bowl on the same side as the night before just over to the left.

Beau shared some of her experiences about where her seats were located as well. 

Beau stated that she sat in the lower bowl for the first show and then in the upper bowl for the next three that she attended

Although she did not sit as close to the stage as some fans did, Beau stated that, “Any seat is a good seat when you are seeing Harry Styles, and I was genuinely happy to be there regardless of where I was sitting.

Styles’ influence has not only reached the teenage audience but has spread to people of all ages, including some other famous celebrities who have been seen at the Love on Tour shows.

Beau was able to spot some celebrities at her concerts including Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner, and Hailey Bieber.

Many fans go to see Harry Styles in concert because they are in love with the feeling they get when they see him sing live and in person. 

Fans feel a sense of overwhelming emotion when they see Styles live, which forces them to cry both happy and sometimes sad tears.

Harry Styles’ Love on Tour included him singing his newest record album “Harry’s House” as well as some of his older most beloved songs. 

Beau shares, “He sang Hopelessly Devoted To You, from Grease, on Halloween and this was special to me because Grease reminds me of my grandma, and it was an amazing surprise song.”

Fans attend Styles’ concerts because they are able to unite with others who share the same love for him and create unforgettable memories that they will cherish forever.