Mask Mandate lifted In L.A. county

L.A. County lifts mask mandates 


The struggle of wearing masks is over!

On February 25th L.A. County announced the lift of mask mandates after coronavirus community levels reached its “low” category.

Everyone in the L.A.area is now given the option to wear your mask indoors and outdoors. 

Even though L.A. residents aren’t obligated to wear masks some people still choose to wear them.

After L.A. opened up most restaurants, the need for no masks was still there. 

We did our job as a community by getting vaccinated and boosted. This made us and the people around us safe. 

Transitioning from masks to no masks in a school can be challenging with conflicting beliefs from different students, but done well it may be a step towards normal. 

Bishop Amat Memorial high school has about 40% of students still wearing their masks. Why? 

Either if it’s for health safety or for protection from uniform police, most of the 40% are male students. 

Nicholas Gallegos (Sr) wears his mask as a way to hide his beard away from school deans. “The mask hides half of my face so I won’t get in trouble,” Says Gallegos. 

After talking to Gallegos I came to the conclusion that almost all the males are wearing masks because they do not want to shave. 

The women students making up half of the 40% have said they either wear their masks for health reasons or to save them from doing their makeup in the morning. 

“When I wear my mask I don’t have to worry about putting a lot of makeup on my face, Mascara and some eyeshadow do the job for me” said Rai (Jr.) 

Another female student who doesn’t wear makeup explains how she still thinks the Mask mandate shouldn’t be taken lightly. 

“The Virus is still a thing and people are still dying, I believe if I don’t feel completely safe then I shouldn’t take my mask off” Said Laila Williams (Sr.) 

Even with everyone’s different beliefs, Bishop Amat Memorial high school gave a safe and well respected environment for all their students.