Amat family walks to help the homeless

In the beginning of the walk volunteers hold up the banner for the first completed lap.

Students and other volunteers walk around a track to raise money for the non-profit San Gabriel Catholic Charity.

Although it is not a race, volunteers use the Footprints Walk as an outlet to spread a message.

This year’s Footprints Walk was hosted by Bishop Amat at Kiefer Stadium on February 29 to spread the awareness of homelessness. With nearly 400 volunteers, there were several activities to help raise money for the homeless in the Los Angeles communities.

The annual Footprints walk has been taking place since 1919 and been gradually growing in numbers each year. With the walk coming into the new year, volunteers are reminded of what the walk is all about.

“Footprints walk is an annual event for a Catholic charity in the San Gabriel region to primarily to raise awareness of hunger and homelessness,” volunteer Mary Romero said.

Bishop Amat hosts the annual walk to keep others aware that there is still a struggle with hunger and homelessness in our community.

“It makes me feel good to know that I am helping other people around our community,” sophomore Alex Hernandez said.

The walk offered different activities by being able to win various prizes in raffles, get food from the In-n-Out truck, and earn service hours. The service hours help motivate students to not only fulfill their requirements for hours but also go out and help raise awareness for others.

Ending the 100th year of service, the hundreds of volunteers helped create a difference by spreading a message about some of the most vulnerable communities in Los Angeles. Students, faculty, and other volunteers created a difference one step at a time.