Fundraising for a purpose

The annual Valentine’s Day Picnic held on Friday is a great way for students to come together and for different programs on campus to fundraise money.

The ASB Student council hosts the Valentine’s Day Picnic to help bond students as a community. Putting in endless hours into planning what will be available to the students each year, different clubs offer food and activities for anyone to participate in.

The food varies from baked goods, cultural meals, and different types of drinks. Clubs from around campus sell themed products to students and faculty to help fundraise money. The picnic is a great way for clubs to not only fundraise but to also help get their name out around campus. Not only clubs are fundraising, but also sports teams are joining in. Mr. Tintle describes what happens to the money that is given to, “ ..Ms. Oswald to help students who are in need.”

The picnic is a great opportunity for clubs to help make a special experience for every student. As the year rushes to a close, the memories being made will forever be cherished.

The Valentine’s Day Picnic gave students the opportunity to come together as one family. With seniors leaving in only a couple of months, the picnic gave them a taste of what they truly had all these years.