Esports team prepares for spring season

Senior team captain Brandon Le practices League of Legends at home.

After having a successful Overwatch season, the Bishop Amat Esports team is preparing for spring by practicing for the next game League of Legends.

Through the high school Esports federation, NASEF, the Esports club is scheduled to play the popular MOBA game where multiple players can interact on the battlefield.

A collection of Esports teams from other schools across the United States will face head to head to win and advance through the tournament.

The further you advance the closer you become to winning the League of Legends NASEF championship.

“My expectations for this year are that we will make it deep into the playoffs and hopefully we’ll bring back a championship,” said senior Brandon Le, the League of Legends team captain. “For now, we have two teams Amat Blue and Amat Gold both teams will be competing in our high school league.”

Le is on the Amat Blue team and plans on playing jungle lane in the upcoming tournament. Jungle lane is an attacking role that flanks enemies and supports teammates.

Teams who participate in the regular season are split into regional brackets and will follow the swiss bracket format. A swiss bracket format allows all teams to face off against each other and the winner is determined by whoever wins the most games. However, playoffs will be conducted in a single-elimination style bracket.

“Hopefully once we get it started we can get a Twitch going and have the whole school and parents watch our students perform,” said Esports club moderator Mr. Torres.

The default match time for the tournament is Wednesday at 3:30 p.m.

The Esports teams, assembled by Le, has begun practicing for the upcoming season and plans to represent Bishop Amat with their first match on Wednesday, Feb. 12.