Riverdale: Tensions High as Mystery Continues


The second episode of Riverdale revealed new information about the Gargoyle King, Archie’s life in prison, and tension between the various couples.

Betty and Jughead begin their investigation into the death of Dilton Doiley by visiting the coroner, who only leaves the pair with more questions when he reveals that it is unclear whether Dilton’s death was suicide or murder.

When they go to see Ben in the hospital, his mother tells them about the game that Ben and Dilton had been playing, and Jughead finds a talisman, which Ben’s mother reveals was placed there by Ethel Muggs.

Upon questioning, Ethel told them about the game that the three were playing, as well as a secret underground bunker in the forest that she promised to lead them to.

In the forest on their way to meet Ethel, Betty and Jughead encounter a terrifying creature who scares them off.

They later return and use Dilton’s map to find the bunker, where they find a boy who was Dilton’s assistant, from whom they learn more about the game.

In prison, Archie meets his roommate, Mad Dog, who warns him of the dangers of prison. Archie tries to gain protection from the Serpents, but would only be allowed in if he stabbed a Ghoulie, which he refuses.

Without the protection of the Serpents, Archie is beaten up and his shoes stolen by a group of Ghoulies.

Archie returns with a pair of brand new shoes and offers the prisoners a deal: one game of football and the MVP gets his brand new shoes.

Of course, Riverdale would not be Riverdale without the Riverdale Vixens, who showed up at the prison to cheer on the boys.

However, Hiram Lodge arrives and signals the warden to end the game, so the prisoners are beaten for rioting.

When Archie returns to his cell, Mad Dog is gone. The officer told him that he was killed in the fight that Archie started, but Archie knows Mad Dog was not there.

The warden then tells Archie that he is going to be the new Mad Dog, but the audience will not find out what this means until the next episode.

Tension arises between Kevin and Moose, as well as Betty and Jughead.

Moose seems to be embarrassed by Kevin, especially around his father, who is starting an RROTC at Riverdale High.

When Moose continues to reject Kevin, he retaliates by joining the RROTC and trying to impress Moose’s father.

When Jughead and Betty return to Betty’s house after their discovery of the bunker, they are bombarded by both of their parents, who urge them to end their investigation.

Jughead is hurt when he learns that Betty suffered a seizure and neglected to tell him about it. However, Betty and Jughead were able to talk it out and continue happily in their relationship.

When they return to the hospital to ask Ben more questions, he tells the pair that he is going to see Dilton and he jumps out the window.

The show ends with the parents of Riverdale coming together to discuss their past and hint that a similar situation arose during their time in high school, but swore then and renew their pact to keep it secret.