‘About Time’ is timeless


Written by Maria Vanillo / Staff Writer

Rate:  5/5

“About Time” is simple and timeless. Every moment needs to be lived to the fullest.

Not everyone can go back in time and change things for the better, but Tim (Domhnall Gleeson) figures out that if you enjoy every moment and never take the small things for granted you can experience happiness time and time again.

The movie takes place in present day England. Tim’s family home is on the Cornwall Coast, which allows him to be genuine, loving, and honest like his surroundings. When he moves to London to become a lawyer things are fast paced, frustrating, and lonely. These qualities are seen in Harry (Tom Hollander) who is a depressed playwright .

Tim’s father (Bill Nighy) is also a product of his humble environment. He is humorous, charming, and supportive. His father is there to guide Tim every step of the way after revealing the family secret of time travel. Tim uses this new found talent to find love.

Tim first met Mary (Rachel McAdams) in a restaurant. This magical moment was soon forgotten however when Tim turned back time to help Harry make his play successful. Tim being at the theater meant that he could not be at the restaurant. This lead to Tim never meeting Mary.

A couple of time travels later Tim was finally able to recreate the spark he remembered. Tim met Mary at a party and their relationship began.

The couple moved in together, married, and had a child. Then tragedy struck. His sister, Kit Kat (Lydia Wilson), was in a car accident.

When trying to correct the past, so the accident never happened, Tim discovered there was a flaw in his gift. He could not change the events that occurred before his child was born.

Tim tried to change Kit Kat’s reaction to an event that happened before his daughter, Posey, was born. He discovered that reality was altered.

Saddened by the downfall Tim learned to accept the things he could not change.

Tim’s father was then diagnosed with cancer. Unable to do anything about it Tim and his father re-lived one of their happiest memories together, a walk on the beach.

Tim took his father’s advice to relive every day twice. First, normally. Going through the mundane tasks that everyone else has to face. Then starting the day over again and making light of the fact that the future is not so mysterious.

Tim finally discovers that the best solution is to make every minute memorable.

“About Time” is a warm, enjoyable movie that everyone should see. Every minute is honest and romantic. Based on personal taste the movie earned five stars; loved it and would be my first choice when wanting to watch a classic romantic comedy.

It is about time people start to appreciate the small moments and see them as delightful adventures. The movie is simply charming.

The film will be released on DVD and Blu-ray Feb 4 with an early digital copy release on iTunes.