Freaky Food Fills Fair

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Story by Aaron Lucela
Staff Writer

The Fairplex at Pomona is once again filled with hungry wandering fairgoers searching for a decent bite. Navigating through the maze of carnival rides and crowds of others alike, they are met with an abundance of choices to satisfy their needs. The intoxicating smells of ribs roasting in a smoker, the sizzle of the deep fryers and the passers-by who have already bought their food and carrying them to their tables only make their stomachs growl even louder. An abundance of vendors display tempting choices of deep fried and barbequed concoctions.

All of these beg the question, “What do I eat?”

This year at the L.A. County Fair, the abundant dining options range from the oversized to the fried to the bazaar offering a something for all pallets.

As stated on their website: “Deep-fried. On-a-stick. Battered. Breaded. Dipped in chocolate. Eating at the Fair is a unique experience. With more than 300 choices, undue the top button on your pants and dive in. If you’re a little nervous, we do have yogurt, smoothies, fruit and salads, too!”

Offering a more refined version of street food, the food trucks offer choices from crepes to ice cream cookies sandwiches made with the world famous Fosselman’s Ice Cream Co.

The Calbi Truck, Crepes Bonaparte Truck, Brat’s Berlin Truck and the Piaggio truck have been scheduled for all 23 days the Fair is operating.

The White Rabbit truck offers Filipino fusion tacos such as the chicken adobo taco, the tocino taco and the pork sisig taco.

The fair food powerhouse, Chicken Charlie’s, featured in the Travel Channel reality series “Deep Fried” is also at the fair serving their famous deep fried Kool-Aid, fried brownies and fryBQribs.

Other notable vendors include King Taco, Pink’s Hot Dogs and Nathan’s World Famous Hot Dogs, offering customers their well known favorites.

Vendors are spread out across the venue, reaching all ends of the park and are open up until midnight.

Fair operations end this Sunday.

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