Emery’s ‘We Do What We Want’ Provides New Sound

Story by Christian Garay
Entertainment Writer
Rating: 4/5

We Do What We Want was released on March 29, 2011 through Tooth & Nail Records, and it was also Emery’s first album to be co-released by Tooth & Nail’s heavy metal/hardcore punk subdivision Solid State Records.

The first thing you really notice on We Do What We Want, Emery’s fifth full-length, is how heavy it is.  Compared to their past albums this one is ridiculously heavy.  Of course this new sound from the post hardcore band is not necessarily a bad thing.

Vocalist Toby Morell stated that he was “proud” of the signing to Solid State, and he also also described it as “just kind of a good feeling to be wanted by another part of your company and be able to join all the awesome bands.”

As far as the music aspect of the album, it is probably the hardest performance they have ever served up.  With the hardcore riffs in “The Cheval Glass” to the intense screaming in “Scissors,” We Do What We Want will have your ears ringing for some time.  Some parts of the album are just flat-out intense.

Of course there is good balance in the album.  Besides the aural beat down it provides, there are also mellow moments which are pretty great including “Never Got to See the West Coast” and “Fix Me”.

However, the real standout track has to be “The Curse of Days”.  Its melodic tone and softness examines life, love and loss with a level of maturity matched by its infinite themes.

Vocalist Toby Morell has risen to the challenge with some of his most personal work.  He talks about faith faith and God, but it never gets too preachy.  Many people will be able to relate to most of the life experiences that are present in the album.

“We Do What We Want” is a very well put together album from a band who’s variety of musical styles will never disappoint fans.